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December Garden Guide

  • Amaryllis bulbs may be started now.  If they are established bulbs in old pots, two inches of soil should be removed from the surface and replaced with a good, rich mixture.
  • Make sure the pots of forcing bulbs are full of roots before moving into sunlight, and make sure they are watered adequately for the best display.
  • Covering materials can be added to the perennial bed once the ground is frozen.
  • If you brought in geraniums for winter color, they must be placed in a window that recieves direct sunlight all day and a daytime temperature of 70 to 75 degrees is maintained.  Keep in mind geraniums do not like to be over watered.
  • Be sure that all garden refuse that may contain any insects or disease is disposed of in the garbage and not the compost pile.
  • After each heavy snowfall, one should tramp the snow around the young fruit trees to protect them from mice, which work under the snow.
  • Newly planted evergreens should have the protection of a windbreak or anti-desiccant to protect from moisture loss.
  • If the ground is not frozen, newly planted evergreens should have a thorough soaking of water.
  • Make sure that all bird feeding equipment is out and well stocked for the winter months.
  • Remember to set out your Christmas tree when the season is over for winter protection for the birds.
  • Collect the seeds from pods and seed heads gathered earlier – wrap up some to give as gifts.
  • Check stored veggies – discard any with signs of spoilage.
  • Continue harvesting greens from the hoop house or cold frame.
  • Try growing salad greens and herbs in pots in a south-facing window.
  • Take photos of your property to decide what needs changing before snow cover obscures your view.


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If you have any questions regarding Horticulture in Wood County, please contact:

Jeremy Erickson
Horticulture Educator
Wood County UW Extension
400 Market Street
PO Box 8095
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-8095
Phone: 715-421-8440 (or dial 711 for Relay)
Fax: 715-421-8476
Email: jeremy.erickson@ces.uwex.edu

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